We started off the day with a warm-up activity called Evolution, in which participants “evolve” from ameobas to fish to monkeys based on the results of rock paper scissors matches.  If you were at Crazy Horse in the past two … Continued

Pacific Discovery Explores Cliffs, Caves, and Culture

The latest group of young explorers from Pacific Discovery blazed through Chiang Mai this week, making the most of CMRCA’s Karst Exploration Adventure!  After a full day of climbing Crazy Horse Buttress and learning how to rappel, the students hiked … Continued

Preparing to Save Lives, Three Triangles at a Time

At CMRCA, nothing is more important than safety.  Last week the CMRCA instructor team worked their way through a day-long wilderness first aid refresher.  Led by Instructor John Hovey, they reviewed essential wilderness first aid systems and practiced key skills. … Continued