Chiang Mai

CMRCA bases its educational programs in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The many NGO’s and educators who are based in Chiang Mai make it an ideal place to begin cultural explorations into Thailand’s mountainous north.

Mae On

The Mae On district is located just 40 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai. This relatively unknown district is home to some of Thailand’s most exciting and professional adventure activities.

Huay Puling District

The Huay Puling District is a collection of 5 Karen villages just south of Mae Hong Son near the Burmese border. The Karen have lived in this region for hundreds of years and have practiced sustainable farming and community development.

Doi Angkhang

Doi Angkhang is a remote, mountainous region approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Chiang Mai. This captivating and rarely-visited region is a perfect setting for high-impact experiential education.