Wrapping Up Our Busiest Season EVER!

The seasonal heat has quietly built up and settled over Chiang Mai and we are gearing up for another Songkran Holiday. Compasses and sleeping bags have been stashed away, along with climbing equipment and team building supplies. CMRCA staff seem to be well rested and enjoying some personal time to exercise and relax. Our last bag of trail mix has met its demise…

It must be the end of the student program season! And what a season it was. Oct 2013 – Feb 2014 was the busiest and most successful period in CMRCA experiential education history. We facilitated 21 student programs including schools/organizations from: Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, USA, Cambodia, Bangladesh, China, and UAE. We had the chance to meet, educate, explore, converse, inspire, and adventure with 938 total students. Not bad for a few months!

As all those determined faces and vibrant smiles rush through our minds, we want to take a moment to thank all those who made the last few months such an exciting and special period for us. All the schools, educators, parents, students, and partners that we work with — you know who you are!

We have already begun prepping for next year and expect to be better, stronger, faster, and climb higher! Below are some of our favorite pictures from the season. Make sure to check out this awesome video footage as well:

Highlights from ISPP Week Without Walls

Adventure ON!

–CMRCA Family