ISB Global Citizenship Week 2012

CMRCA staff just returned from an amazing 7-day adventure with students from the International School of Bangkok (ISB) in the Huay Puling District.  Three CMRCA facilitators, two ISB teachers and ten students packed their hiking packs for an exciting week that included trekking, homestays, local trade studies and other activities designed to get students out of their comfort zone and thinking about what it means to think globally.  This is the second year we’ve worked with ISB in the Huay Puling District which is a collection of 5 Karen villages just south of Mae Hong Son near the Burmese border.  The Karen have lived in this region for hundreds of years and practice sustainable farming and community development.

Thank you to the amazing staff and students of ISB!  We never ceased to be entertained with your singing and your positivity was contagious. We already can’t wait until Global Citizenship Week 2013!