NIST Week on the Wild Side 2013

Another year and another incredible NIST Week on the Wild Side experience!

Last week CMRCA hosted the NIST International School’s Year 10 students for 4 days of adventure and learning. With the Sam Kampaeng Hot Springs serving as our base camp, the week was set for a thrilling and memorable experience.

The program was split into three components: Trekking, Climbing & Rappelling, and Leadership and Team Building. Our two-day one-night trekking and camping trip pushed students mentally and physically to work together to achieve their goal. In preparation for the Bronze Level of the International Youth Award, students had to navigate with a map and compass through the Mae On valley and over a ridge-line to successfully reach their camp site and return to base camp. In addition, they faced the challenge of dividing resources, sharing the burden of carrying tents, sleeping bags, food, and cooking supplies. It was both tough and exciting, and in the end all students were up to the task.

Student’s also spent a day at Crazy Horse, participating in CMRCA’s signature Ultimate Rope & Rock Adventure. Comprised of climbing, rappelling and a tyrolean traverse over the mouth of a huge cave, the experience pushed students to step outside their comfort zones while having a great time climbing high and learning about the history of local rock formations.

The last component, Lead on the Wild Side, required a little bit more thought and reflection. CMRCA facilitators led students through a series of models and activities to encourage discussion and reflection about individual awareness and team dynamics.

All in all, the program surpassed all of our expectations and we hope it was a positive experience for all our participants. And since we can’t hold back mentioning, the discovery of the combination of grilled sticky rice and toasted marshmallows may have been life changing.

See you next year!